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A Guide to A Fizzy Tale Bubble Bars & Wands

Bubble Wands - A Fizzy Tale

Bubble bars are fun, cute and super easy to use. They fill your bathtub with lots of soft, fluffy bubbles perfect for the little ones, Our Bubble Bars are also rich in cocoa butter that leave your skin feeling silky soft.

Reusable Bubble Wands a lot like the bubble bars but these come on a stick which makes bath time super fun swirling the wand under running water to create bubbles, imagine all the potions and lotions the kids can be making at bath time.

How do I use a bubble bar?

  1. Break, chop up or crumble your bubble bar into a single bath portion, Use the whole bar or a little at a time, it's really up to you! Most bubble bars are good for 2-4 baths depending on their size, your water hardness and how many bubbles you want. The softer the water, the more baths per bar.
  2. Get your bath running.....
  3. Grab your bubble bar and rub it with your fingers as you hold it under the running water. Hold it there until it’s completely dissolved.

The keys to making the most bubbles!

Use Hot Water! The hotter the water, the better the bubbles.
Swish and swirl the water after you’ve dissolved the bubble bar under the running water.
Do not use bath salts! Salt kills bubbles.

Hacks to make it even easier

Always make sure that all of the bubble bar is dissolved.  You can do this by putting it in a washcloth, jug or my children's favourite a sieve (yes i let the kids raid the kitchen cupboard) and hold it under the running water. These really are a little fun activity at bath time 


Before storing, let your reusable bubble bar dry completely. Then, set it aside so it's ready for your next bath.

Check out the collection here: All the things you need to make your bath that little bit extra! 

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