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A Fizzy Tale Bath Bomb Art

Baths are a huge blank canvas, then you drop in a bath bomb, is it just me or do you love watching the swirls and colours bath bombs make and also listening to that comforting fizzy sound ? 

Here at A Fizzy Tale we want to show you the top 5 best bath bombs for that spectacular explosion of colour art, so pretty you have to share with us 

1) Pentagram Bath Bomb 

A beautiful purple and dark teal pentagram fragranced in Enchantment: a rich, sweet and delicately fruity floral fragrance with light citrus top notes of lemon and orange leading onto a heart of peony, freesia, rose, and violet 

The Pentagram has blue and yellow magic glitter and is one huge bath bomb which creates such beautiful purple, blue & greens in your bath 

 2) A Fizzy Paintbrush Bath Bomb

In the spirit of bath art we have the Fizzy Tale Paintbrush to create some beautiful bath art.  

A vibrant purple paintbrush, with painted black bristles with aquamarine mica and hidden colours at the end of the paintbrush. This one definitely wont dissapoint 

Fragranced in Thai lime and mango, Taking inspiration from Thailand, ripe golden mango with kaffir lime you will smell good enough to eat! 

3) My Buddy Bath Bomb

Buddy the Cutest Sausage dog bath bomb! He starts off as a duck egg blue bomb and is scented in strawberry & lily buddy smells of summer!

He may look like a plain old blue bath bomb but in Fizzy Tale style he explodes in to pink creating the most gorgeous pastel bath you could ever see 

4) A Fizzy Tale Happy Sleep Bath Bomb

This is certainly one for the lavender lovers and those who crave the ultimate relax

Lavender has long been renowned for aiding a restful sleep. This sleepy head bomb will surely help you on the way to the land of nod. This purple eye catching bath bomb has the most soothing blue embeds buried inside.

5) A Fizzy Superhero Bath Bomb

Last but not least this is my ultimate favourite not just because of the wonderful bath art it creates but this luxury vanilla scented bubble bath bomb also has added apricot oil for skin softness, and I cannot get enough of the vanilla and oat scent there is just something so familiar about it 

This bath bomb is perfect for all the strong wonder women out there and this is why it is a firm Fizzy Tale favourite 

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” – Audrey Hepburn

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