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What does my self-care look like?

What does my self-care look like?

For me, self-care has often come to mean not doing the things that I don’t want to do.

The feeling I get when I immerse myself in the bath and my senses are numbed to the world. The warmth on my skin, the scent in the air, and the soothing muffled sound of deep water, the plain white ceiling, are all about the absence of the turbulence of life. Each bubble popping around my ears like a door slamming on each of my thoughts until I am just left with me.

The modern world a busy place, comprising another email ‘For action’, another ‘can you get me something to eat’, another ‘WhatsApp message from.. ’, another ‘Breaking news’ story, another thought pinballing around up there.

For me the best way to take care of myself is to find ways to shut off from the chaos, to quieten my mind and to retreat into my small inner world of just me.. and maybe a cat or two.

Water is a recurring feature in my calmest happiest moments. The sun hitting a calm river or the rhythm and rush of a forceful waterfall. A swim in the local pool or a walk by the ocean on holiday. When meditating I always come back to one particular memory of being in a pool by an ocean surrounded by water.

In my darkest, lowest times I spent days on end in the bath, just floating and topping up the hot tap over and over.

Water has a unique ability to find the equilibrium within me, reset and recharge my soul to give my senses the space to face the cacophony of life again.

This is one place of relief I can always get to. Whatever I have to face in life I know I can start with a hot bubble bath or a walk by the river and know that things will feel just that little bit easier and the weight of the world will become just that little bit lighter.

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Author: Amy Rotherforth


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