Craft Fair Applications

Craft Fair Applications

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Organising craft fairs has been a huge learning curve for me this year and my aim is to make the process as easy as possible for all involved.

I will do a mini series on craft fairs from start to finish in the hope this makes it’s easy for any one to apply and attend craft fairs. 

We will start with Applications! They can sometimes be daunting- but it doesn’t have to be that way if you follow our hints and tips ❤️

When Applying:   

If you see a post advertising a craft fair do not comment on the post asking for details politely private message the business who is advertising. 

When emailing / messaging the organiser always provide information on what it is you do and your contact email address. The organiser won’t know anything about your business so be as detailed as possible even add a few photos. Saves a lot of back and forth. 

Always check that the application is genuine, you can ask about previous events or ask to see their website/social pages  

Always check your spam folder for applications! These important emails always tend to fall into that pesky folder! 

When you receive the application Read the Instructions Carefully

Many applications are rejected because they aren’t filled out correctly. Make sure you read through all it’s content and instructions before filling in and send back ALL information required of you for the application to continue smoothly. The organiser will appreciate the effort and this will increase your chances of acceptance 

If an organiser wants you to send photos, insurance and a risk assessment take your time and send everything all together trust me this will be really appreciated. Once you have all this info keep it in a folder ready for all the other events you apply for then the application process will speed up for you 

Every application is different and you often only have a few seconds to make a good impression. 

Don't Fret

Sometimes you won’t find out if you got accepted straight away. Always check the paperwork it will usually have a date of when you will hear of confirmation. Being patient is important

Don’t Get Disappointed 

You may not get accepted, but always try again next time. A rejection doesn’t always mean your work isn’t good enough, there may just be circumstances that are beyond your control. Sometimes there are too many applications with the same products or the events organiser likes to mix up the businesses. It doesn’t hurt to ask to be put on the waiting list in case there are any cancellations.

We hope this helps in applications and makes the process work for everyone ❤️

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