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Miles For Mind May 2021

Miles for Mind May 2021 .. Why we are taking part...

Here at A Fizzy Tale we are huge advocates for mental health, looking after your mind and making a little bit of time in the day just for you is what I personally think we all need to unwind and recharge. As a single mum household of 2 i know how difficult this is but nothing beats putting them to bed running a bath  and just enjoying 5 minutes of silence even if im sat there running through all the things I need to remember tomorrow and then realising i'm starving and I need to feed myself too! 

I have personally struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember and it's a daily battle. Since i started A Fizzy Tale (nearly a year ago) nothing has made me happier than speaking to new people and finding out that actually we all have daily struggles but them like me strive for little moments of peace and i'm so glad Fizzy Tale bath bombs are a part of that! Nothing beats a photo sent to me with a glass of wine at the side of the bath and one of my bath bombs fizzing away 

I am always trying to use my platform for great causes such as mind & mental health and all this month I will try and write a little something about our day and how we are feeling and hopefully this may inspire, comfort or motivate you as well 

My inbox is always open from here to instagram to facebook for a non judgmental chat about anything, never think you are alone alternatively there is some helpful numbers below  ❤️

1st May 2021

I have signed up to do 100 miles in May for mind and J my sweet 6 year old has signed up to do 30 Miles. We aren't asking for donations as we will donate 10% off all orders throughout May to mind so you can treat yourself and also help out a great cause! 

Today we did a little local walk around Fairburn with my close friend and her little one it was a lovely open walk and we did around 3 miles in all,  but H fell down a few times and then refused to walk (Typical mum life) but we got some lovely shots to introduce ourselves ❤️ only 97 miles to go 😉

 2nd May 2021

🌸🌸 Lovely walk round the Valley Gardens today in all the blossom 🌸🌸 Met an old work friend today for a walk around Friends Of Friarwood Valley Gardens, Pontefract although its an injustice to call her a work friend she's been by my side for around 8 years and she is one of my closest friends .. we met in the office and clicked, she is my boys godmother and is now pretty much family don't you just love people who come into your life and you cant imagine not ever knowing them, we've seen a lot together we dont see each other as often as we should but we always pick up where we left off, she definitely lifts my mental health and puts perspective on things, not as many miles done its hard with the two little ones plus had to pack for a few days away without kids (exciting and terrifying)  and then pack for them which dont you find so anxiety inducing trying to remember everything! So i forced myself into the bath to relax with a raspberry lemonade Bath bomb which looked the colour of the blossom 🌸 you can find this in The Colours of the Rainbow 



3rd May 2021

Travelled to Whitby for 2 full days kid free this rarely happens! Lots of walking planned.. I love Whitby with its gorgeous scenery, cute bars and some lovely places to eat! The weather was not that great but still got some steps in and even managed a drink outside in the rain's such a shame we can't go into pubs or restaurants it was bank holiday and when it rained ive never seen the streets look so abandoned so we had a chilled time watching classic films like Moulin Rouge, listening to music and just enjoying being kid free ..and even enjoyed a long soak with our spellbook bath bomb 




4th May 2021

Well we thought yesterday was bad! The wind and rain shut everything down except the supermarkets, managed a late afternoon walk along the beach but the wind and rain were biblical

Its been so lovely being beside the sea the world just feels different 

Had a cheeky bath bomb to warm up after being battered by the wind, had the totally fetch burn book bath bomb in the mean scent of prosecco and raspberry which you could smell all over the apartment 

We managed to find a hidden gem Indian takeaway and had a early night, let's hope tomorrow is clearer 


5th May 2021

OMG its stopped being windy .. got up and decided to go straight out to get the steps in before travelling back to pick the kids up .. the restaurants were open serving breakfast so we obviously had breakfast first in the sun. I so wish the past two days had been like this but never mind. We walked up the river a walk we haven't done in Whitby before and it was stunning will definitely do this again and explore further when we have the time. Drove home and picked the kids up from school as the school is shut tomorrow for polling, got back to enjoy the beach for an hour and a cheeky drink and ice cream outside a bar. 


16th May 

Well its been madness here over at Fizzy Tale HQ 63 miles so far & 37 to go we have done parks and muddy walks and splashed in lots of puddles.. we have signed up to do some local events soon and very busy preparing some amazing goodies .. im so excited to be able to show off the products in person! 

We have also been sponsoring this month alongside donating to Mind a wonderful inspiring little girl Alba  .. 

Alba has raised £4621.75 (and growing!) this year for mental health charities Samaritans and Andys Man Club . She raises life saving awareness, she listens without judgement and stands besides anyone under a storm. At only 6 years old she truly is an inspiration. For something that carries such stigma, such shame, such silence it can form amazing bonds 😍

Mental health has no face. It doesn't select a certain lifestyle, a certain sex or race. It's a shadow that casts a black cloud and no one is really safe from it. You never have a clue when someone is struggling, you wouldn't tell to look at our family our back history if we didn't openly share segments.
But just by talking, by listening, by sharing and heck even rocking a rainbow tutu and gripping your person's hand you can make a difference.
At the small age of 5 this kid with her yellow croc wellies and her rainbow tutu started her community work during the first lockdown with her rock snake. She then moved into raising awareness and fundraising for Samaritans and now Andysmanclub. Not only that but her ability to talk so openly about mental health and listen and care is infectious. She is quite simply a rockstar.
May is also BPD awareness month 🖤
  • BPD means that you feel strong emotions that you struggle to cope with. You may feel upset or angry a lot of the time.
  • Around 1 in 100 people live with BPD.
  • There are different reasons why people get BPD. A lot of people who live with a diagnosis of BPD have had traumatic experiences in their childhood.
  • If you are someone living with a diagnosis of BPD, it is more likely that you will self-harm. And have challenges with relationships, alcohol or drugs. There is help available.
  • There are different ways to treat BPD. The NHS should normally offer you therapy.
30th May 
we hit over 100 miles for Mind and also did our 1st ever pop up stall ❤️ it was such a fun day we met lots of new customers and it was great to see new faces and toshowcasee our products & the weather was great too! 
31st May 
We raised £85 for Mind over the course of May im so pleased the mental health service is so crucial at the moment, I know from personal experience as not long after this photo was taken I made the call for help, I know all too well how easy it is to dismiss your feelings or think you're a burden but im here asking you not to .. its ok not to be ok .. im not ok .. i will be time is a good healer, that and a good therapist apparently but ill let you know on that one .. my inbox is always open to anyone struggling for an impartial chat or vent but please there is lots of numbers to reach out on if you ever feel completley alone xx 
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