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What are Shower Bombs & Steamers

Shower bombs & Steamers, For those that long to use a beautifully scented bath bomb..but don’t have a bath.
How annoying!
Well don't be annoyed no longer
So what is the difference? 
Don’t have a bath or If you prefer a shower but still want a gorgeous scent in the bathroom or that steam in your face spa experience.. shower steamers are a great option. They're made with baking soda and citric acid, just like bath bombs. But rather than placing them into a tub, the steamer is placed on the floor of the shower. The water activates the fizzing reaction and releases the essential oils into the air.
To use - Just pop the tab in the corner of your shower tray, out of the direct spray of water or it will dissolve a lot faster & you don't want it to do that. Steam & drops of water will soon activate it & it will then release the aroma. PLEASE NOTE: Shower steamers are made with a high concentration of essential or fragrance oils and they can't be used as bath bombs


Luxury Exfoliating Shower Bomb

These gorgeous shower bombs are full of skin loving, nourishing butters & make a great body scrub too.  They will not only exfoliate the skin but will leave it feeling silky soft and smooth. 

To use - simply hold your shower bomb under the running shower water and watch as it explodes in a beautiful lather. Just rub the bomb over your skin, ensuring the water hits it to keep it foamy. We recommend using these as a single use bomb. However, if you find you don’t need the whole bomb you can place it into a dry place ready to use again for your next shower (up to 3 showers!)


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