Why Bath Bombs?? - Forever After Collective

Why Bath Bombs??


  1. It feels good throwing them in the bath 
  2. A good place to keep the kids contained 
  3. Silence when everyone else is asleep 
  4. The feeling you get when immersed in the bath and your senses are numbed to the world. 
  5. The warmth on skin, the scent in the air
  6. The soothing muffled sound of deep water, the plain white ceiling, are all about the absence of the turbulence of life.
  7. Each bubble popping around the ears like a door slamming on each thought until just left with me. 
  8. The Colours and art just super sensory 
  9. The lack of technology
  10. Me time  

Try out A Fizzy Tale Bath Bombs Here 

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