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Bee Clean Soap

The story of Bee Clean Soaps unfolds from a quaint village nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, where our journey commenced with a profound commitment to combat unnecessary plastic waste within households. Over time, our unwavering dedication to ethical production and environmental consciousness has driven us to introduce premium, all-natural, and sustainable soap bars to our local community.

At Bee Clean Soaps, our foundation is rooted in the warmth and encouragement of family and friends who have consistently rallied behind our cause. Whether it's offering technical expertise, sharing business insights, or simply lending a helping hand in wrapping each soap bar with care, they've been our steadfast support system.

As a result, our humble kitchen-based micro-business has blossomed into a thriving enterprise, complete with its own dedicated workshop and presence in remarkable stores across the nation. Bee Clean Soaps is our pride and joy, a testament to our shared values, and we solemnly pledge to always maintain our roots and keep our business close to our hearts: right at home.