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Susan Sheard

Lot 25 - Emerald City

Lot 25 - Emerald City

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Large collection including costumes for Wizard of Oz characters

5 x green silk skirts, white lace gypsy tops and sash’s

5 x striped skirts, white gypsy tops and sash’s

6 x ¾ trousers, shirts, waistcoat and bow ties

10 x 5/6 year old green t.shirts (6) or polo shirts (4)

9 x 8 – 12 year old green t.shirts (3) or polo shirts (6)

12 x dresses – 8 – 12 year old *

6 x Waistcoats and tops

7 x 14 – 18 year old, net skirts with train, white leotards, waistcoats and top hats

1x Dorothy

2 x Lions

2 x Tin Man

1 x Scarecrow

1 x Flying Monkey

1 x Wicked Witch

1 x Good Witch

1 x Nesa Rose

*The dresses are made out of a bright green satin material, which is really lovely on stage, but I made an error in making them, as I decided it would be easier to use Velcro rather than have buttons or zips. The Velcro works fine, but what I had not anticipated is that the students would not be so careful with doing them up, so the backs of the dresses have some threads and pulls, where they have been caught by the Velcro, but these are not noticeable from the stage.

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