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A Fizzy Tale

Retro Bath Bomb Giftset

Retro Bath Bomb Giftset

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šŸ•°ļøšŸŒˆ Step back in time with our Retro Blast Bath Bomb Gift Set! šŸ›āœØ

Introducing the grooviest way to soak and unwind ā€“ our Retro Bath Bomb Gift Set, scented in the raddest fragrance of Charlie Red! šŸš€šŸŽ¶

šŸ§Ÿā€ā™‚ļø Troll Tidings: Dive into a tub of nostalgia with the Troll bath bomb! Watch as vibrant colors swirl and fizz, transforming your bath into a magical portal to the '90s. Don't worry; this troll is all fun, no mischief!

šŸ“¼ Cassette Tape Tango: Hit play on your tub-time playlist with the Cassette Tape bath bomb. Let the soothing scent of Charlie Red transport you to the days of mixtapes and dance parties in your living room.

šŸ“» Boom Box Boogie: Turn up the volume and let the Boom Box bath bomb fill your bath with a symphony of bubbles and vibrant colors. Get ready to dance like nobody's watching, even if it's just you and your rubber ducky!

šŸŽ® Game Boy Galore: Level up your bath time experience with the Game Boy bath bomb. Immerse yourself in the scents of Charlie Red as you embark on a pixelated adventure, making bath time as thrilling as your favorite video game.

šŸŽø Rock & Roll Reverie: Unleash your inner rockstar with the Rock & Roll bath bomb. Let the fizzing notes of Charlie Red create a bath time melody that will have you feeling like you're front and center at a concert!

šŸŽ This Retro Bath Bomb Gift Set is the ultimate blast from the past! Perfect for reliving the glory days or introducing a touch of nostalgia to a new generation. Get ready to rock, roll, and relax with our tub-tastic time-traveling experience!

āœØ Grab your scrunchies, pull out your neon legwarmers, and immerse yourself in the tub-time party of the century. Get your Retro Blast Bath Bomb Gift Set now and let the good vibes roll! šŸŒˆšŸŽ‰šŸ•ŗ


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