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Harry & Meghan XL Dino Bath Bomb

Harry & Meghan XL Dino Bath Bomb

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šŸ¦–šŸ› Dive into prehistoric fun with our Harry Green XL Dino Bath Bomb and Meghan Pink XL Dino Bath Bomb! šŸ›šŸ¦•

These adorable giant dinos weigh around a whopping 200g each, making them perfect for multiple baths if you're willing to share the dino-sized fun!

šŸ«šŸ„­ Scented in the delicious aroma of coco mango, these bath bombs will transport you to a tropical paradise while you enjoy your bath time adventure.

šŸŽ Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, our Harry Green and Meghan Pink XL Dino Bath Bombs are the perfect gift for dino lovers of all ages!

šŸ› Make bath time a roaring success with these delightful dino companions. Get ready to soak, relax, and embark on a prehistoric journey like no other! šŸ¦–šŸŒŸ

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