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Keepsake Tiny Matchbox Ceramic Champagne Token

Keepsake Tiny Matchbox Ceramic Champagne Token

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🎉🍾 Cheers to Life's Victories with Our Tiny Champagne Bottle Token! 🎁🥂

Whether it's landing a new job, getting the keys to a new house, or acing those tests, celebrate life's milestones with our delightful congratulatory gift! Encased within a vibrant pink gift box lies a tiny ceramic champagne bottle, adorned with a jubilant "Yay!" on the front in bold black lettering.

Topped with the exuberant phrase "Hooray! Let's Celebrate!" on the box lid, this gift is the perfect way to convey your heartfelt congratulations to friends or loved ones. Lovingly designed in-house, this tiny token is a must-have for display or as a pocket-sized good luck charm.

So, raise a toast to success and seize the moment with our charming Champagne Bottle Token! Order now and spread the joy of achievement! 🌟🎉

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