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Forever After Collective



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Introducing our captivating Pear & Freesia fragrance, a harmonious blend that transports you to a world of pure elegance and natural splendor. Immerse yourself in the sweet embrace of ripe pear, intertwined with the delicate essence of quince, infusing a subtle honeyed sweetness to captivate your senses. Enveloped by the ethereal aromas of white freesia and wild climbing rose, this fragrance exudes a floral sophistication that enchants the soul.

At its heart lies a captivating base, where the crisp freshness of rhubarb mingles with verdant green notes, creating a vibrant symphony of scents. Enhanced by the warmth of patchouli, the richness of amber, and the sensuality of white musk, this fragrance leaves an irresistible trail that lingers, igniting memories and stirring emotions.

Indulge in the timeless allure of Pear & Freesia, a fragrance that transcends the ordinary and unveils the extraordinary beauty of nature's bounty.

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